Chris Meynendonckx (1964) – Master in Graphic Design  – Sint Lucas, Antwerp


I create images by arranging different layers of wool fibers.

Felt-making is an old methode of making felt from wool.
This specific technique of felted wool paintings however, is a process I have been developing myself.

Different layers of fibers are being build, one on top of another, in a way that resembles watercolor painting. Layers start complementing and colors start to mingle.
It is the density of the layers that determine which color will start to dominate, and which will almost disappear in the felting process.

Combining single wool fibres with home made pre-felt results in a strong but still vulnerable image. I add silk, other fibers and old rags for extra dimension.

Next thing is the feltingproces itself. Water, soap and agitation are used tot cause the fibers to intertwine, shrink and become felt.
The outcome is a strong and expressive work of art.